Our Cell Groups gather on a weekly basis on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 19h00.

We believe that there are 5 elements in these gatherings that are important:

  1. Ice-breaker: this is to help people to relax and take their minds of the day and issues that may cause their minds to wander.
  2. Worship: we glorify the Only God  in the Name of Jesus Christ through the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Word: we discuss the Word that was ministered to us the previous Sunday.
  4. Prayer: we pray for specific requests and people that we want to invite to our cellgroup and win for the Kingdom.
  5. Vision-sharing: our vision is always to grow by means of adding new members and winning souls. We trust God for a date that we can multiply our cell group, a cell leader and an assistant for the new cell.

We believe (and indeed have witnessed) that this is a very effective way to draw people into the Kingdom and have them equipped properly for the calling of God to be fulfilled in their own lives.

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